September 20, 2009 All Things Are Possible With God [Cont’d]

All Things Are Possible With God, Continued


Jeremiah 12.5 puts your encouragement, ‘hang in there’, into perspective.

Paul may have had this in mind when he penned 1 Corinthians 9.24-27. Isaiah 40.28-31 repeats this theme and attributes the source of your victory as God Himself – strength Coach, training Partner, Mentor (Psalm 18.31-39).

With Him, all things are possible!

When you fail, it is because you have not prepared for the challenge.

Don’t limit God’s success through you by your lack of conditioning!


Be persistent!

  • Like the little dog that grabs your pants leg, hang on until the challenge stops (and you win).
  • This was Jesus’ message in the parable He told in Luke 18.1-8.
  • Luke expresses this in verse 1.
  • What two points will Jesus make in verses 2-8?
  • Who is the ‘judge’ introduced in verse 2?
  • What clues are given about his identity?
  • How does the ‘widow’s’ complaint in verse 3 implicate the judge you identified?
  • What tipping point does the ‘judge’ give into in verse 5?
  • He sounds like Samson in Judges 16.16.
  • How is this like the drips of so-called Chinese water torture?
  • Note Jesus’ emphasis of this tipping point in verse 6.
  • How are you to be like this ‘widow’?
  • Jesus’ perspective in verse 7 is that God is ready and anxious (verse 8a) to help you but cannot.
  • How does your lack of conditioning explain ‘though He bears long with them?’



Jesus’ question.

  • ‘Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?’

(Luke 18.8b)

  • How does His question relate back to the message in verse 1?
  • When your faith is weak, you ‘lose heart’ when satan persists; when you ‘lose heart’, you give up on ‘prayer’; when you don’t ‘pray’, you lose!
  • Paul introduces the heroes of faith listed in chapter 11 with an admonition in

Hebrews 10.35-39.


What does this mean to you?

Don’t be part of verse 38; be part of verse 39!


Don’t give up; hang in there!


Revelation 12.11!