April 18, 2010 Revealing Jesus

Revealing Jesus

Jesus’ prayer in John 17.1-26 is one of the richest passages in the New Testament, I believe.  It and Matthew 10.1-42 give the clear intentions of God for believers – ministry impact upon and resistance from the world.  They show the manifested love of God for mankind illustrated by overcoming satan’s deceptions and troubles (John 16.33).  In a sense, believers are to demonstrate the actual victory of God over the abusive presence of satan in unbelievers; thus, God versus satan.  We know Who wins (Isaiah 14.12-15; Revelation 19.20-21, Revelation 20.10)!

How is God’s intention taught from person to person and generation to generation?  We received it from others perfectly or imperfectly illustrated.  How do we pass it along, improving upon its perfection we received?


Jesus passed along God’s intention perfectly.

What other work did Jesus complete before going to the Cross?

  • Remember that He did this in the context of John 15.18-19.  What did Jesus want his followers to understand?  This context has not changed at all, because the enemy has not yet been bound.  But, also remember 2 Corinthians 2.14 and Revelation 12.11!


We are to reveal God, too!

John 4.35-38 implies it, as does 2 Corinthians 5.20.


It’s all in Jesus’ name!

to Acts 3.16 (see Acts 3.1-10).  See the victory in Philippians 2.9-11!


Our individual task is found in John 17.26.

  • Personalize what Jesus says in this verse.
  • How well HAVE you declared the name Jesus?
  • How well WILL you declare ‘Jesus’ starting today?
  • When you say ‘Jesus’, He comes on the scene to reveal the love of God

to all in need (Mark 16.20).  But, you must say ‘Jesus’ in the circumstance!

You ARE important!  ‘Let others [experience] Jesus in you’ (hymn).