May 2, 2010 What Should You Do?

What should you do?


What should you do if someone or a group wanted to build a pornographic book and video store in your neighborhood or city?  A brothel?  An anti-America compound?  A mosque?  Plans for a mosque were presented to the Brentwood City Planning Commission last Tuesday evening.  The City Commissioners will hear such recommendation later this month and decide.  How strongly should a Christian resist this?  What does the Bible say?


The Plan is for a 12,000 square foot complex of meeting room and prayer center to be built on a parcel along Wilson Pike contiguous with the Twin Springs subdivision and near the tunnel walk-bike-way under the street.  Forty Muslim families from Brentwood and Franklin want this Islamic Center built with 120 parking spaces and to serve 325 people.  These families currently drive to mosques in Nashville. 


Among the questions to be answered are

  • What will be the impact on surrounding property values;
  • Will the City allow the practice of Sharia Law, including the beating of women, on the property (now in their homes?);
  • What has been the history of progression of Islamic infiltration into community life in other cities and countries, that started with a request by a few families for a mosque near them;
  • Will they teach the overthrow of the United States, as has been taught in other mosques and, apparently, assented to by all Muslims because of their silence of opposition;
  • What does this have to do with righteousness; and
  • What should be the position of Christians?


Bible imperatives and history

  • The first commandment is: ‘You shall have no other gods before Me’ (Exodus 20.3; Matthew 22.37-38; verse 39 is explained in 2 John 6).
  • Exodus 34.12-16 forbade Israelites from marrying outside of their religious family.  Deuteronomy 17.17 said that the king should not have many wives.  The purpose was to not bring foreign gods among the people, which would cause violation of the first commandment.
  • But, King Solomon did just that; see 1 Kings 11.1-4.  King Manasseh added worship of moon-god (with early characteristics of Islam); see 2 Kings 21.1-5.  Continue reading about God’s opposition to their practices.  BTW, Islam’s god is satan; not the God of Jews and Christians; see Isaiah 14.12-15 and John 8.39-47.


What is God’s perspective?

  • Exodus 12.12 and Numbers 33.4 states God’s actions against pretenders of deity and their followers.
  • He used Gideon to destroy pretenders of deity in his town; see Judges 6.25-27.
  • In his early days as king, Solomon repeated his father David’s teaching that ‘the fear of the Lord is to hate evil…’ (Proverbs 8.12).  Note David’s attitude in Psalm 139.21-22; strong words from the ‘man after [God’s] own heart’ (1 Samuel 13.14). 
  • But, this is God’s heart!  Note His words through the prophet to King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 19.2


So, what should you do?

Petition the Brentwood Commissioners with polite but firm resolve in written form and personal attendance.