June 27, 2010 Authority to Push satan Out

Authority to Push satan Out

Which is stronger: authority or power? 

Think of the policeman stopping the loaded dump truck by raising his hand. 

Now, understand that you are the policeman with the authority to stop satan and his demons with a single word.  You will discover this in the lesson below.

Authority to command unclean spirits, and they obey!

  • Mark 1.21-28 tells the story of Jesus in the synagogue in Capernaum.
  • What caused the audience to be ‘astonished at His teaching’?
  • What distinguishes teaching ‘as one having authority, and not as the scribes’? 
  • Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) is filled with corrections to what the religious teachers had been propagating.  Note the reaction of the people in Matthew 7.28-29.  Truth displaces philosophy and enlightens people! 
  • Note what the man said in verse 24; ‘we don’t want to hear the truth’ (my paraphrase).  Was Jesus’ command in verse 25 meant to muzzle the deception rather than to keep the demon from identifying Himself?
  • Out came the demon, after abusing his ‘host’ one last time!
  • And, the peoples’ question in verse 27 emphasizes the difference in Jesus’ teaching with what they had heard from the religious leaders before.
  • Was this really a ‘new doctrine’ or simply the unmasking of the truth that had been covered by layers of philosophy for many years? 
  • How do Paul’s words in Colossians 2.8-10 and Ephesians 4.13-15 help you to understand this? 
  • So, the people heard the truth and saw authority stop the lie for the first time, and they were amazed!  Note the similar reaction by another group in a different circumstance in Mark 2.12.
  • Authority stops lies, sickness, and any other ‘loaded dump truck’ from satan!

Jesus received authority from God and gives it to you to use today!

  • Matthew 28.18-20 is the Great Commission of you for Jesus’ service.
  • When did Jesus receive ‘all authority’ (verse 18)? 
  • Although the day is not mentioned, I believe that the events of His ministry after satan’s temptation in the wilderness, including the event above, confirm that He received authority from God either at His baptism or in the wilderness. 
  • I believe Jesus’ use of ‘Lord’ in Luke 4.8 and 12 referred to Himself.
  • In John 17.1-26, His Lord’s Prayer, Jesus mentions you in verse 20 and infers the necessary authority in the last clause in verse 21, ‘that the world may believe that You sent Me’.  I believe that the ‘glory’ in verse 22 includes the authority and capabilities you need to produce that result.
  • Two illustrations support my belief. 

In Matthew 10.7-8, Jesus commissioned the apostles to preach the kingdom (see Mark 1.14-15 and Luke 4.16-21) and gave them the authority to ‘heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons….’ 

Luke 10.9 is Jesus’ instructions to 70 who, also, were sent. 

Luke 10.17-20 includes their joyous report and Jesus description of authority, in verse 19.

Authority may be needed to prove what you preach, as you have seen.  It will be needed to break satan’s power and to deliver his victims.  This is its only purpose.


You have authority!  Now, use it!


Praise God!!!