March 20, 2011 Surely!


We use adjectives and adverbs to set boundaries and to state degrees of other words in our sentences.  For example, ‘red’ may describe the car I drive and ‘really’ fast my speed.  One of my favorite adverbs is ‘indeed’, which means you can count on the subject that prompted my exclamation being true.

Others have used ‘surely’ in the same way, including Jacob and Joseph and Paul.  Confidence was expressed by Jacob’s use of ‘surely’ in Genesis 28.16.  Further, he says ‘you can count on it’ in Genesis 28.22.  Joseph stated, in Genesis 50.24, his faith and confidence in God’s willingness and ability to lead his Hebrew descendants from Egypt and into the land He promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  The Apostle Paul used ‘sure’ to declare two strong promises to believers in Romans 8.38 and Philippians 1.6.  All of these were without doubt.

‘Surely’ seems to be one of God’s favorite adverbs, which expresses the confidence and lack of doubt of my ‘indeed’.  For example, we look back upon the reality of God’s prophetic ‘surely’ in Genesis 18.10 and 18.

With this established, what do you think it means that God used ‘surely’ in Isaiah 53.4?

Why did He not use it in Isaiah 53.5?

How is it that Jesus was acquainted with pains and sickness (Isaiah 53.3) when we have no record of Him ever being sick?  See Matthew 8.16-17.

How is Isaiah 53.4 the fulfillment for us today of God’s promise in Exodus 15.26 and Deuteronomy 7.14-15?

In what ways was the bronze serpent in Numbers 21.8-9 like Jesus in Isaiah 53.4?

Was God saying ‘surely’ when He gave Moses the instruction about the bronze serpent?

Since God expressed His confidence that Jesus ‘surely’ took pains and sickness upon Himself, why do Jesus-followers still not believe this and describe satan’s attack as ‘my cancer, rash, etc’?

Indeed, Jesus took sickness and disease upon Himself at Calvary, and we are healed by His stripes, as Peter wrote in 1 Peter 2.24!

Praise God!!!

March 13, 2011 Overcome While You Wait For Christ to Come for You

Overcome While You Wait For Christ to Come for You.

Believing that Christ’s return for believers is to happen soon, I have been asking Jesus what I should be doing until then.  This lesson is what I have learned.  I hope it encourages you.  I changed the earlier paragraph headings to those below.

Watch out for satan with opened eyes.

See 1 John 3.8-9 and 1 John 1.9 also.

Stand up against satan’s demons.

by 2 Corinthians 10.3-6 and Philippians 2.9-11.

Consider, also, the pathway in verses 5-10 and the result at the end of verse 10.

See Hebrews 10.35-39 also.

  • Others are depending upon you, as Isaiah 35.3-4 states.  We are to defend them, too.

Focus on what Jesus said and did, as your Leader.

  • 1 Peter 1.13-16 says that Christ will be our reward for living holy lives.  Life with Him is the ultimate gift, even now!

See Colossians 2.2-3, 9-10; 1.15; 1 Corinthians 1.24, 26-31.

  • How would you word the test in 1 John 4.1-6?  When would you use this test?  How do 2 John 7-10 and 3 John 11 help to explain this?
  • Don’t be distracted by other voices than your Good Shepherd.  How does Jesus’ word-picture in John 10.1-5 instruct you in our contemporary society?
  • Hear the voices of others who looked to Jesus and consider His steadfastness, as you read Hebrews 12.1-4.

Deliver those oppressed from the oppressor, including you yourself!

  • Faith is the victory that overcomes the world, as

John wrote in 1 John 5.4-5.

  • He reminds us of this further in Revelation 12.11.
  • So, practice James 4.7!
  • Consider Moses’ question of God in Exodus 33.16.  How should the world know that God is with us?  Are we ‘stiff-necked’?  Consider God’s answer in Exodus 34.10.  Why don’t we see this today?  How can we change this?
  • The world is waiting to see this from us.  You ARE ready!  Follow His lead; see Romans 8.14.  Go for it!

He is coming soon!  Luke 21.28.  Praise God!!!