June 26, 2011 God is my guide/Jehovah-rohi

God is my guide/Jehovah–rohi.
Have you ever been alone?  The correct answer is no, never.  For God has promised to never leave nor forsake you and me.  He assured Jacob that He would be with him through the fulfillment of His plan for him; Genesis 28.15.

He assured Joshua with the same promise regarding His conquering the Promised Land through him; Joshua 1.9.  Just as He was with Jacob and Joshua, God walks each step with you every day, to guide your decisions and activities and to lead you to accomplish His plan for you.  Apostle Paul states this in Hebrews 13.5-6 concerning moral directions for life.  Let’s look at His guidance and wonder why we do not follow it more closely.

The picture is that of a Shepherd leading His sheep.

  • Shepherd David first wrote about this Shepherd in Psalm 23.  Note the work of the Shepherd.  David recognized that the invisible God was doing this for him!  Is this your understanding?
  • Shepherd God led the Hebrew people from the bondage of Egypt into the bounty of the Promised Land.  Exodus 33.1-23 records His conversation with Moses after he destroyed the first tablets and went back up Mt. Sinai for the second set.
  • Exodus 33.2 reveals God’s plan to send His angel to drive out the wicked people who polluted the Land.
  • Exodus 33.9 reveals God coming to Moses in his private worship in the form of a pillar of cloud.
  • Exodus 33.11 reveals God as speaking ‘to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.’
  • Exodus 33.14-16 reveals God’s promise to go with the nation on their journey, so they would know how to live to please Him, in contrast to the nations around them.
  • Does God send His ministering spirits (Hebrews 1.14) with you each day?  Can you feel His presence when you worship God?  Does He speak to you face to face like a friend (Proverbs 18.24)?  Do you listen to His teaching about the preference of His ways over those of the world?

Jesus is the Prophet of Deuteronomy 18.18 (Exodus 34.10 and Acts 2.22) Who would lead God’s people for a season.

  • At Mt. Sinai, the Hebrews were fearful of the God Who descended with great power on the mountain and wanted Moses to talk to God for them; Exodus 20.18-21.
  • Apostle Paul wrote in Galatians 4.4-6 that God sent Jesus at just the right time in man’s need for a Savior from sin and its effects.  Apostle John describes this in John 3.16-21.
  • What an impact Jesus made in just 33 years!  He stripped away philosophy to reveal God’s truth; Matthew 5-7.  He taught man to overcome satan’s tribulations; John 16.33 and Luke 10.19.  He told us what question would be on God’s final exam for man; John 12.44-50.
  • God, as it were, continued His contact with mankind through His Son, Jesus; still, never leaving or forsaking.  John 10.1-30 discusses Jesus as the ‘true’ Shepherd.  What do you learn about your relationship with your Shepherd?  What does verse 30 mean?
  • Have you observed how He revealed God (John 1.17-18, Hebrews 1.3, John 14.9-11)?  What lessons from Jesus’ teachings will you learn next?

God continues to Shepherd His people through the Holy Spirit and will until the Rapture (John 14.15-18).

  • Jesus assured His followers of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, in Matthew 10.19-20.
  • Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would guide you ‘into all truth’, because He will tell you what He hears God say for you; see John 16.13 and 14.26How is this revealed in John the Baptist’s words in John 3.27?
  • What does Apostle Paul mean in Romans 8.14?  How is this contrasted by Jeremiah 13.10?  How does this involve you?
  • This Holy Spirit of God came at Pentecost, an event worthy of greater celebration!  His ministry began and continues with you today.
  • How is His ministry to you explained in Psalm 23? In Isaiah 30.21 and 51.16? In Psalm 32.8-9? In Jeremiah 23.4?