July 22, 2012 More Amazing Proofs That God Is With Us

More Amazing Proofs That God Is With Us

His-story shows how amazing your God really is!  He told Moses that His presence would be known by the miracles, wonders, and signs by which He distinguished Himself from all others who might claim to be god.  These would be unique expressions, never ‘done in all the earth, nor in any nation’, as Exodus 34.10 states.  His purpose was and is that mankind would exult in Him and not in wealth, wisdom, or strength and beauty (Jeremiah 9.23-24).  His wonderful acts were to improve the conditions of the people Jesus met and are intended in the same way today; i.e., to save you.  Although unseen, He is with each of you (Genesis 28.15, Deuteronomy 31.6-8, Joshua 1.5), which you understand by ever increasing faith (Habakkuk 2.4, Romans 1.16-17).  He has conditioned us to search for Him and, then, to find Him continually present (Jeremiah 29.13; 31.33-34; Psalm 42.1).

The following illustrations show the lengths to which God has gone and could go to show Himself strong when you are in need of His deliverance.

  • 2 Kings 18.13-19.37, Isaiah 37.1-38, and 2 Chronicles 32.1-23 tell mostly the same story of God miraculously delivering King Hezekiah from the invading Assyrian King Sennacherib with his more powerful army.  Studying this story instructs you on what to do when confronted by a superior opponent.  What did Hezekiah do?  Why would God consider an attack against you to be an insult against Him?  Why did Hezekiah dismiss the facts that Sennacherib had conquered other nations and their gods?  What amazing thing did God do to show His presence to Hezekiah and his people?
  • God confirmed Hezekiah’s healing by making sunlight move backward, in 2 Kings 20.1-11.  How extraordinary!  How did God do this?  What effect do you think this had on his view of and on his faith in God?  See Joshua 10.12-14 also.
  • God defeated the Philistines with thunder!  See 1 Samuel 7.10-11What were the Israelites doing?
  • God defeated the Amorites with hail stones!  See Joshua 10.11This emboldened Joshua to do what, in the following verses?
  • God drove out with hornets the Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites, Hittites, Hivites, Jebusites, and Perizzites from the land He promised to the Israelites!  See Joshua 24.11-12What part did the Israelites play, according to the ending words of verse 12?
  • God caused Philistine soldiers to tremble when the earth quaked when Jonathan and his armor bearer engaged them!  See 1 Samuel 14.15.  Read verses 6-10 about Jonathan’s confidence in God’s deliverance.  Do you approach your enemies with the same confidence?
  • God defeated Goliath by directing David’s sling stone into his forehead!  See 1 Samuel 17.45-50What confidence did David speak against the giant that expressed David’s knowledge of God’s abiding presence to save him?
  • God defeated the Syrian army with the sound of a greater army!  See 2 Kings 7.3-9How did the lepers benefit from this?  Similarly in 2 Samuel 5.22-25 and Joshua 5.13-6.21 and 1 Chronicles 5.18-22.

Apostle Paul summarized the faith of the believers in God in these stories in Philippians 4.13!  The contemplation of Psalm 44.6-8 expresses the same confidence!  ‘Ask and it will be given you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you,’ said Jesus in Matthew 7.7.  God is with you!  Hebrews 13.5-6!

Praise God!!!  Copyright J by Maurice L. Painter, 2012.  www.sozoclass.com

July 1, 2012 Proof Of Who He Is

Proof of Who He Is

‘Are You really the Messiah’, asked John the Baptist through his followers, in Matthew 11.3.  This was an interesting question from the one sent by God to ‘reveal’ Messiah to Israel; see John 1.31 and 33-34.  But, John was in prison and about to be beheaded.  Perhaps, he was just defaulting to this place of security, knowing he had done his assigned task (John 1.22-27).  Jesus was not offended and simply demonstrated His answer to be given him; see Matthew 11.4-6.

Why was the demonstration of ‘miracles, wonders, and signs’ (Acts 2.22 and 10.38) the clue to Who Jesus was and is?  Because God had said this would be His covenant sign with His people; see Exodus 34.1-10.  In verse 10, God said He would do ‘wonderful acts’ never before experienced in any nation.  These would confirm that God was among the people!  For emphasis, miracles, wonders, and sign were confirmation that God was among people!!!  See Isaiah 7.14.

Jesus evidenced Himself as the Son of God by these signs, as He said in response to the Jews who wanted to kill Him; see John 5.19-21.  But, they were too blind (2 Corinthians 4.3-4) and too deaf (John 8.43) to understand the miracles they saw and heard about, as Jesus acknowledged in John 6.36 and 15.24.  He even demonstrated wonderful acts so His disciples would believe in Him; see John 14.11.

God has preconditioned people to know that He is among them through miracles, wonders, and signs as might be inferred from Exodus 34.10John 4.48 and 6.30 confirm this, as do Jesus’ instructions to His apostles in Matthew 10.7-8 and to another 70 disciples in Luke 10.9.  The report of these 70 in Luke 10.17 also confirms this.

Why do you think it true that people are still preconditioned today to identify that God is among people through such ‘wonderful acts’?

How could these ‘wonderful acts’ be the fulfillment of God’s statement to Jesus recorded in Psalm 110.1?

How do these ‘wonderful acts’ relate to Apostle Paul’s instruction about spiritual warfare in 2 Corinthians 10.3-6?

Why do you think God chose these ‘wonderful acts’ among all the other ways He could have identified Himself to people?  How does Habakkuk 2.4 help you?  How is this tied to Romans 1.16-17James 5.14-15?  What about the stories about Elisha in 2 Kings 2.1-8.6?

How do Jesus’ words in His Lord’s Prayer in John 17.18 connect you to ‘wonderful acts’?

Praise God for His miracles, wonders, and signs that you experience and observe!!!

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