October 28, 2012 Family is an Election Issue

Family is an Election Issue

This is the second of three studies of fundamental Christian perspectives of any election.  The last study considered Faith is an Election Issue.  The next study will consider Freedom is an Election Issue.  I do not advocate for a person or political party, as these become irrelevant when voting for God’s perspective of the fundamental issues being decided in an election.  You must prayerfully cast your vote.  Your responsibility is 1 Timothy 2.1-2.

Why the ‘family’?

  • Author/speaker Earl Nightingale observed that the offspring of humans are the only ones in nature that require multiple years to become capable of providing for themselves.
  • This is as God designed for at least a couple of reasons.  The first is understood through Apostle Paul’s likening us grouped together as the body of Christ (Romans 12.5 and 1 Corinthians 12.27).  Thus, we are family!
  • The second is His assignment to man in Genesis 1.28.  Other created animals take ‘dominion’ of their surroundings in a matter of weeks and months because their scope is small.  Man, however, is to ‘subdue’ and have ‘dominion’ over ‘every living thing that moves about on the earth.’
  • That is, according to whose rules and to produce what end result?
  • The deception of Genesis 3.4-5 juxtaposes ‘me, now’ versus God for the duration He has determined.  He reformed the earth of Genesis 1.2 and will again, as He reveals in Joel 2.30-31, Matthew 24.29, and Revelation 6.12-17.
  • So, man is to nurture raw materials in the earth and to acquire these from the earth to fashion into support for the life and purpose of man on earth during his generations of its duration.  He is to ‘husband’ the fruits and crops and meats and the air and water that build strong bodies and minds for this existence only.
  • Notice that man is not to abuse or deplete the resources for ‘me, now’.
  • This must be learned…over time.  Thus, Exodus 2.9 can be read as God’s instructions to the wife and mother to instill and nurture this.  Equally important, Genesis 18.19 can be read as God’s instructions to the husband and father about the child’s vertical relationship, with God.  Note from Deuteronomy 6.1-9 that inculcated belief in and obedience to God are to be practiced in every area of ‘dominion’ – personal, family, friends, property, and vocation – throughout man’s length of days.
  • This is the revelation of King David’s Psalm 8.1-9!  Notice that David’s focus is on the ‘individual’.  Notice, too, the reason in verse 2, to ‘silence the enemy and the avenger.’  This is the part of ‘dominion’ that explains satan’s attacks on the family; he wants to stop the person from controlling himself!

Attacks on the ‘family’

  • Disaggregating and marginalizing the family ultimately defeats the individual.  Dysfunction replaces order.  Disunity within the protected environment leads to suspicion and ‘me-ism’.  How does the 19th Amendment (Suffrage for Women) to the US Constitution illustrate this?
  • Generations of ‘me-ism’ have resulted in phenomena like no fault divorce (Mark 10.1-9), latch-key children, shelters for homelessness women and children, government welfare, and food stamps (1 Timothy 5.4, 8, 16).
  • Generations of ‘me-ism’ have resulted in the horror of early and late-term abortions, contrary to Exodus 20.13, Psalm 127.3 and 139.13.    You have seen the rise of Planned Parenthood, embryonic stem-cell research, and abortifacients.  Have you considered that God might have planned for the aborted fetus to bring His solution to some disease or hunger or to be the next ‘Billy Graham’?
  • Likewise, how is euthanizing old persons similar to Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 15.3-6?  Note the ‘me-ism’ in Jesus’ example.
  • Generations of ‘me-ism’ have resulted in homosexuality and bestiality, contrary to Leviticus 18.22-23.  Federal laws defining marriage as between one man and one woman were passed in 1996 but overturned in 2012.  Why are civil unions, domestic partnerships, and sex-change surgery aberrant to God?
  • All of these illustrations of ‘me-ism’ rebellion from God’s authority are the ‘enemies’ and ‘avenger’ that David wrote about in the Psalm 8.2Properly raised children silence them with God’s righteousness from the Bible!

Will you stand with God against satan’s attacks on the family and the individual it is supposed to nurture?  How will others know?

Praise God!!!  Copyright by Maurice L. Painter. 2012.  www.sozoclass.com

October 21, 2012 Faith is an Election Issue

Faith is an Election Issue

This is the first of three lessons on a Christian’s perspective of fundamental issues in this (and all) election cycle(s). The other issues are Family and Freedom which will be discussed in the next two weeks, respectively. I will not advocate for a person or political party, as these become irrelevant when voting for God’s perspective of the fundamental issues being decided in an election. You must prayerfully cast your vote. Your responsibility is 1 Timothy 2.1-2.

The Present State of Faith

  • USA Today article by Cathy Lynn Grossman reprinted in The Tennessean on October 9, 2012, page 12A, headline: Protestants no longer the majority in U.S.; byline: Only Catholic outnumber ‘Nones’, a new Pew report says.
  • Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that Protestants now are 48% of Americans, versus 53% in 2007, and 66% in the 1960s. Americans claiming no religious identity increased to 19.3% from 15.3% in 2007. Among those aged 30 and under, 32% claimed no religious affinity.
  • Pew senior research Greg Smith: ‘The rise of the Nones is a milestone in a long-term trend. People’s religious beliefs, and the religious groups they associate with, play an important role in shaping their worldviews, their outlook in life and certainly in politics and elections.’
  • The Reverend Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville: ‘Today, there’s no shame in saying you’re an unbeliever, no cultural pressure to claim a religious affiliation, no matter how remote or loose.’
  • Are we witnessing the fulfillment of Jesus’ question in Luke 18.8?
  • Apostle Paul commented about this in Romans 1.20-21. Note how similar his words are to God’s words in Jeremiah 13.10.
  • Pew’s research supports that more Americans are following ‘other gods to serve them and worship them….’

The Standard for Comparison

He spoke strongly against what fundamental problem of the religious leaders in Mark 7.1-13?

What does John 5.44 say should concern you?

  • Have traditions and philosophies displaced the teachings of God as your fundamental decision criteria?

What about the persons you are asked to vote for?

Do they share your or more importance of God?

What ‘fruit’ have you observed in them?

Do the positions you favor rightly express the delegation of responsibilities among the person, the church, and the government as are shown in the Scriptures (sphere sovereignty)?

  • How closely are the persons you favor described by the following verses:

1 Timothy 3.1-3 (substitute the title for overseer/bishop/deacon), Acts 6.3,       Deuteronomy 1.13, Exodus 18.21,        2 Chronicles 19.9-10,  Exodus 36.1, and Jeremiah 8.8-9?

What characteristics are common and preferable?

The Results of Your Vote for Godly Leaders

  • Proverbs 29.2 and Psalm 127.1!
  • The Reverend Matthias Barnet, ‘Religion and Government – The Foundation of Order, Peace, and Security in Society’ (An Election Sermon Preached at the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut at Hartford, on the Day of the Anniversary Election, May 12, 1803): ‘If God is such a being, as both reason and revelation declare him to be, an omniscient, holy, just and all-powerful being, whose eyes are in every place, beholding the evil and the good, to punish the one and reward the other according to their character and deeds, then certainly, the fear and awe of him must operate as the greatest restraint from that which is evil, and the most powerful incentive to that which is good, and he who is truly actuated by this principle, will never give his voice of influence to pervert justice or support iniquity. But the man who does not believe in the being and providence of God, or is not actuated by the fear and awe of him, has in many cases no bond or restraint upon his conduct, and therefore is not fit to be trusted with a nation’s weal [the wellbeing of the community] which he will not scruple, whenever he can with impunity, to sacrifice to his lust or ambition.’
  • Choose wisely!

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October 7, 2012 Heavens Rewards Depend Upon Your Building Materials

Heavens Rewards Depend Upon Your Building Materials

‘Cause and effect’.  You’ve heard these words all of your life and, probably, proved then repeatedly, like most of us.  Jesus illustrated them in Matthew 7.24-27 so we could understand the consequences of bad choices.  Apostle Paul contrasts the building materials and warns about eternal consequences in 1 Corinthians 3.5-15.

Earthly Building Materials

What ‘fire’ purifies some materials but destroys others?

Rewards from using the best materials!

Heavens Rewards Depend Upon Your Building Materials.  Which have you used?  Which will you use from now on?  Which actions must you change?

Praise God!!!  Copyright by Maurice L. Painter, 2012.  www.sozoclass.com

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