December 23, 2012 What to do about ‘Sandy Hook ES’.

What to do about ‘Sandy Hook ES’.

How should you process the satanic events inConnecticutrecently, the killing of 20 first graders and seven educators?  Should you blame the school system for lax security, society (product producers and media) for creating an environment encouraging such behavior, the medical community for not intervening in this depth of illness, the shooter’s parents for not taking preventive actions with their son, the parents of the children for not teaching them ‘spiritual’ self-defense and for not covering them with appropriate prayers, local Christians for not standing spiritual guard at the schoolhouse doors, yourself, or all of the above?

Brent Bozell, President of Media Research Center, wrote (121222): ‘Ours is a society imploding under an avalanche of violent video games, music, TV and movies…And as soon as the massacre is off Page One, they (game developers, plot writers) get back to business, polluting the culture and spoon-feeding the next Adam Lanza.’

Wayne LaPierre, lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, said on December 21, 2012, ‘the next Adam Lanza…is planning an attack on another school…How many more copycats are waiting in the wings for their moment of fame from a national media machine that rewards them with wall-to-wall attention and a sense of identity that they crave, while provoking others to try to make their mark?’

Controlling access to guns is not the solution; delivering the would-be shooter from satan’s deception is THE only solution!  So, what should Christians do?

It happened in Jesus’ times.

  • Mark 5.1-20 and Luke 8.26-39 tell the same story of a satan-deceived man who terrorized his neighbors uncontrollably.  You can picture his actions frightening children and adults, perhaps in our day taking guns to school.
  • In Mark 5.8, you hear Jesus doing what John summarized in 1 John 3.8b: Jesus came ‘to destroy the works of the devil.’  Consider, also, Peter’s description of Jesus to Cornelius in Acts 10.38.
  • Jesus’ usual command in such confrontations was ‘come out of the man, unclean spirit!’  Compare with Mark 9.25.

To prevent the ‘next Adam Lanza’ near and far, do this:

  • Teach your children and grandchildren to take the authority Jesus gave them in Luke 10.19 to bind satan and his demons from themselves using Jesus’ name and illustration above.  Read the context in Luke 10.1-20.
  • Build the wall of Ezekiel 22.30 around your treasured children and those in your and other communities.  Stand in the gap ready for battle (Ephesians 6.10-18)!
  • Picture yourself standing guard with your children at the bus stop, the school, the classroom, the playground, the mall, and wherever else satan might try to harm them.  Practice James 4.7 and 1 Peter 5.8-9!  Post angels to do the same; Hebrews 1.14!
  • Form prayer defense groups of friends and neighbors to do this with you at assigned times during the day and night.
  • And, when you meet up with a ‘Gadarene demoniac’ and as the Holy Spirit prompts you, confront the ‘unclean spirit’ face-to-face with the confidence of Philippians 2.9-11 and deliver the person from satan’s abuse.  S/he will thank you, as he did with Jesus!

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December 16, 2012 Heavenly Bodies

Heavenly Bodies

It is interesting how this term changes meaning over the years of life.  Young children look at the wonders of the stars.  Teenagers look at the opposite sex.  Older adults become curious about their next ones.  This study concerns the last.

Genesis 2.7 says that man was formed from ‘dust of the ground’ and that God ‘breathed into his nostrils the breath of life’, i.e., His spirit (Isaiah 42.5; Zechariah 12.1).  Thus, ‘man became a living being.’  James 2.26 says that the spirit takes off the body in the transition we call death (Ecclesiastes 12.7; 2 Corinthians 5.8; 2 Peter 1.13-14).  When you take off this earthly body, what will the eternal, heavenly body that you put on be like and be able to do?

It will be like Jesus’ body

  • This was Apostle John’s understanding, expressed in 1 John 3.2                                                                                                                  
  • Jesus came from the tomb in His glorified body, which Mary held (John 20.17).  ‘Doubting’ Thomas touched the nail prints (John 20.27).
  • Jesus ate with His disciples (Luke 24.41-43).
  • Jesus walked and talked with Cleopas and his fellow disciple on their way home to Emmaus (Luke 24.13-35).
  • Jesus appeared in the room without entering through the door (John 20.19).  Walls were no barrier to Him.  Or did He just appear in the room?
  • Jesus remained on earth for 50 days, being seen by others (Acts 1.9-10; 1 Corinthians 15.6).  Note that gravity did not hold Jesus to earth!

You bury your earthly body to put on your heavenly body.

  • Apostle Paul stated his understanding of this in Philippians 3.20-21 and 2 Corinthians 5.4.  Jesus subdues even your mortality into eternal life!
  • In 1 Corinthians 15.35-46, Paul explained the transformation and summarizes it in verses 47-49.  Notice that you will be unique, just like on earth.   Understand that he was writing to Greek culture that separated spirit and body in their thinking, taught by Plato and dualism.
  • Paul commented on your knowing in 1 Corinthians 13.12.  Notice the similarity of King David’s belief in Psalm 17.15.  David did not know the process but was sure of the result!  You will know ‘righteousness’ from the Author, face to face (Hosea 14.9).  You will have the knowledge of the Holy Spirit in John 14.26.
  • You will enjoy fellowship, food, and drink in Heaven, as Jesus said in Matthew 22.1-14 and 26.29 and Luke 14.15-24.
  • Although I find no proof text, Hank Hanegraaff (radio’s Bible Answer Man) opines that you will appear to be about 30 years old.  “Our DNA is programmed in such a way that, at a particular point, we reach optimal development from a functional perspective.  For the most part, it appears that we reach this stage somewhere in our twenties and thirties….If the blueprints for our glorified bodies are in the DNA, then it would stand to reason that our bodies will be resurrected at the optimal state of development determined by our DNA.” (Resurrection; Word, 2000; p. 133-134)  Jesus was 33 years old when He got His; His ‘optimal state of development’!

Heavenly bodies are to die for! (Colossians 3.1-4)

Praise God!!!

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December 2, 2012 Revival


Perhaps you read about the six year-old girl in NC who was denied the opportunity of reading her poem honoring her grandfather this past Veterans Day.  She wanted to characterize her Vietnam veteran before her classmates and included ‘he prayed to God for peace’ and ‘he prayed to God for strength’.  When a parent heard that she would reference ‘God’, s/he protested to the principal who called the superintendent who referred this First Amendment matter to the school board, which determined that their interpretation of the law trumped her right to free speech because the other students were ‘captive’ to her reading, which might be construed as the school (government) promoting one ‘God’.  The argument continues.  All it takes is one person displeased with Judeo-Christianity to deny many people the celebration of God!

Joel Rosenberg, author of Epicenter and Implosion, blogged on November 8, 2012: ‘what we need in America isn’t a political revival but a sweeping series of spiritual revivals.’  He’s right, but what might these look like?  Revivals are confrontations of principles against practices, leading to the former reforming the latter.  The First Great Awakening in America occurred in the colonies and is exemplified by Jonathan Edward’s desire for his congregants to become more devoted to God.  The Second Great Awakening in America occurred in Logan County, Kentucky and was ignited James McGready to produce the same result.  The Third Great Awakening in America occurred after the NY stock market crashed in 1857 and 10,000 people gathered daily for prayer in various places in NYC.  These spread throughout America.

Jesus awoke many to the true reality!

  • In Luke 2.41-49, the only story about Jesus’ adolescence is told, that of the twelve year-old Son of God ‘astonishing’ the religious scholars in the temple in Jerusalem.  Even Mary and Joseph were ‘amazed’ by what they saw and heard from their son.  Jesus stated that this confrontation was ‘My Father’s business’.  Error must be corrected!
  • In Matthew 5-7, Jesus’ great Sermon on the Mount corrected the error taught by the ‘traditions’ of the Pharisees and Sadducees (Matthew 15.1-9 illustrates ‘tradition’).  In His Sermon, Jesus contrasted lie with truth by saying, ‘You have heard it said…But I say to you….’  Note how these lies continue today, revealing the deceived and evil hearts of mankind (2 Corinthians 4.3-4; Jeremiah 13.10 shows the devolution of the popular philosophy of relativism).  Error must be corrected!
  • In Luke 13.10-17, Jesus continued confronting Pharisaical error by releasing a woman from an abusive demon.  If He chose the day for this, why did Jesus heal her on the Sabbath?  Why did the Holy Spirit emphasize only Jesus’ Sabbath confrontations in the Gospels?  Consider Mark 2.27-28What was His point?
  • Matthew 21.12-14 and John 2.13-17 depict Jesus’ zeal to restore the desecrated temple.  He drove out the desecrators with a whip of cords and disrupted their commerce at the event of Passover.  Error must be corrected!
  • What was the true reality Jesus awoke in the people?  Hosea 14.9Proverbs 14.12John 14.6!

The apostles repeated this true reality!

  • In Matthew 10.7-8, Jesus taught the apostles and disciples what the Kingdom of God is all about.  He had illustrated this earlier (Matthew 4.23-24) and would example Christianity to them in the same ways thereafter (Matthew 11.1-6).  How does modern Christianity compare and contrast Jesus’ instructions in Mark 16.14-20?
  • In Acts 4.12, 20, and 29-30, Apostle Peter confronted the Sanhedrin’s attempts to silence his message of hope for people abused by satan (illustrated in Acts 3.1-10).  Why was it important to confirm his speech by action? Is it so now?  Is this what Apostle Paul was referring to in Colossians 2.8-10?
  • In 1 Corinthians 2.4-5, Apostle Paul clearly stated that actions are more important than speech in showing the power of God to people needing deliverance from satan’s mental and physical abuses.  Could his statement in verse 5 be the correct understanding of Jesus’ instruction in Matthew 10.7-8: exalt Jesus with words and let the Holy Spirit do the work of God through you?
  • How do Peter’s words in Acts 3.6-7 illustrate Jesus’ instruction for practicing Christianity in Matthew 10.7-8?  What about Paul’s words in Acts 14.9-10?  How did Peter and Paul know these victims were ready to be healed?  Consider the importance of Romans 8.14 and Matthew 10.19-20.

What would be the result of this in America today?

  • It happened before.  The Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles, CA, began in April 1906 and continued into 1915.  William J. Seymour evidenced the power of God to perform miracles that benefitted people abused by satan.
  • People need to know God!  In Exodus 34.10, He told how man would know when He is present.  In Deuteronomy 18.18, He told Moses that Jesus would be known through these actions.  In John 15.24, Jesus said that the deceived Pharisees could not recognize God in front of themselves!  In John 17.18, Jesus said you would do what He had done!
  • What picture do you see in your mind when you think of God showing up this way in your small group?  What will you do if, while you are shopping in the mall, the Holy Spirit points someone out to you He wants to heal and/or deliver from satan’s abusive demons?  Could you?  Would you?  Why or why not?
  • The series of spiritual revivals Rosenberg blogged about must start in and with individual Christians!  Will you be the first on your street?  Not what will but what should the neighbors think?

America will only change as Americans see the greater power of God to overcome their problems they see and feel each day!  There must be more action than speech!  Consider Mark 1.27 and Acts 3.11-16.

Praise God!!!

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