September 20, 2015 Shemitah, Blood Moons, and Ingathering – Part 3

Shemitah, Blood Moons, and Ingathering – Part 3

Jeremiah 13.10 reveals the source and remedy of mankind’s historic problem: walking away from God’s protection and led by man’s imagination exposes him/her to satan’s deceptions meant to devolve and destroy man.  Apostle Paul discussed these in 2 Timothy 3.1-7 and wrote the themes for most every televised program today, live or scripted.  To remedy these problems, we must ‘to the rear, march’; i.e., turn back to the Bible.  The difficulty with that is that mankind has become drunken to being our own god, just like the serpent, satan, said to Eve in Genesis 3.1-5.  When God has let this go on long enough, He will tell those true to Him to “come up here”!  (Revelation 4.1)  The cup of His wrath is filling to the point of overflowing!  Consider the following.

A. Boys like to crash things.

  1. I don’t know of any adolescent boys who did not purposely crash two of their cars together. Sometimes they grow up to do this at excessive speeds on racetracks.
  2. Some ‘boys’ have grown up to do this with subatomic particles.  “The 17-mile loop of super-powered electromagnets can accelerate charged particles to significant fractions of the speed of light, causing collisions violent enough to break these particles into fundamental constituents, and deform space around the impact point.” (Templeton; my underline for A.6)
  3. “These energies [in 2012] were so great that some even panicked and said the LHC [Large Hadron Collider] would destroy the world, while others went so far as to describe an observation of the Higgs as a peek into an alternate dimension.” (ibid; my underline for A.6)  The energies released confirmed the calculations of Peter Higgs.
  4. “[T]he Higgs [Boson, or just one part of the Higgs Field, which is similar to the refraction of white light into differing colors and wavelengths] is the particle which gives other particles their mass, making it both centrally important and seemingly magical. We tend to think of mass as an intrinsic property of all things, yet physicists believe that without the Higgs boson, mass fundamentally doesn’t exist.” (ibid)  Thus, it has been called “the God particle”; the beginning.
  5. “[I]t was the last hold-out particle remaining hidden during the quest to check the accuracy of the Standard Model of Physics…[and] validate[d] more than a generation of scientific publication.” (ibid)
  6. Mathematician Stephen Hawking explains “deform space around the impact point” (A.2, above) and “a peek into an alternative dimension” (A.3, above) as follows: “Higgs’ elementary particle underpins existence in our universe might become unstable, warns renowned physicist Stephen Hawking. The energy potential of the ‘God particle’ is so vital for the entire universe it could make the cosmos collide, he concludes.” (Hawking)
  7. “’With this new [greater] energy level, the ([2015] collider) will open new horizons for physics and for future discoveries,’ CERN Director General Rolf Heuer said in a statement.  ‘I’m looking forward to seeing what nature has in store for us.’” (Prigg)  Rolf, too much speed can kill you!
  8. And, “[a]ll those [60,000] IVF [In Vitro Fertilization] births [in 2012] offer ‘features’ old-fashioned conception does not. You can screen for genetic abnormalities and diseases as well as to choose the gender of your children.” (Riley)  So, why pray for the unborn child?
  9. BUT, how much knowledge is too much?  God had already described these ‘drunks’ in Daniel 12.4b (ESV): “Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase…in the time of the end.”  They worship the creation instead of the Creator!  (Exodus 20.4-6Jeremiah 13.10 leads to 1 John 2.15-17 leads to Romans 6.23!

B. Conceived and Died on an Equinox

  1. Yvonne asked, was Jesus born on an equinox?  No, but He was conceived on the Spring equinox. (dcsymbols)  Nissan is the first month of the Jewish calendar; March-April; equinox.  Jesus’ Father gave Him life on the Spring equinox; Proverbs 23.22.
  2. And, He died on a Spring equinox. (ibid)
  3. Jesus’ birth was at the Winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. (ibid)  The symbolism is the Son of God releasing mankind from the prison of darkness, as God stated in Isaiah 42.5-7, as the days become longer until the Summer solstice.
  4. Conversely, since John the Baptist was six months older than Jesus (Luke 1.36), his birth on the Summer solstice (conception at the Fall equinox; Jewish month Elul; August-September) would have symbolized the fall of mankind from the zenith of his ‘light’ into the prison of darkness and would evidence his need for a Savior.
  5. Higgs Boson and designer babies may wear thin God’s patience with man’s imagination!  We may be approaching the deepest darkness in our imaginations.

C. The Lamp stand

  1. “Rosh Hashanah occurs in the seventh month [of the Jewish calendar, Tishri]; Passover occurs in the first month [Nissan]. The beginning of the first month is the new moon nearest the March equinox. Passover was the full moon following the equinox. Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the equinox.” (ibid)  I will connect the ‘seventh month’ in C.5.
  2. Exodus 25.31-37 is God’s instruction to Moses to make a golden lamp stand that would placed outside the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle to be the only source of light.
  3. “The lamp-stand’s being the only source of light points directly to Christ as being the light of the world (John 8:12; 9:5). Jesus is the “true light that gives light to everyone” (John 1:9) and the only way anyone can come to the Father (John 14:6).” (Got Questions?)
  4. Note in these verses that each of the six branches (three on either side of the main stem) had three calyxes and almond flowers.  Note, too, that the stem had four.
  5. Was this just ornamental, or was God prophesying a date: the 22nd day of the seventh month?  The seventh month on the Jewish calendar is Tishri or September-October, beginning on Rosh Hashanah; this year, September 13th.  The 22nd day of September, 2015, is the eve of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the forgiveness of sins.  Could this tie back to Daniel 9.24 (ESV): “…to finish the transgression, to put an end to sin, and to atone for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness…”? (Breaker)  Could the Day of Atonement begin everlasting righteousness?

D. Are these signs or coincidence?  Matthew 24.36.  Ready?  Isaiah 45.22!

Praise God!!!  Copyright by Maurice L. Painter, 2015.

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