October 29, 2017 Continuing Jesus’ Service

Continuing Jesus’ Service

         I was reading Dr. Michael Youssef’s book, The Leadership Style of Jesus: how to make a lasting impact (2013), this week and was stopped by the Holy Spirit on Dr. Youssef’s inclusion of Matthew 20.20-28 in his Chapter 10, Power, page 102. The chapter contrasts the power advocated by Niccolo Machiavelli with that expressed by Jesus; that is, “amorality, deception, power, ego, and personal advantage” versus “morality, truthfulness, servanthood, humility, and meeting the needs of others”, respectively (p. 100). We see this contrast in leaders today. Verses 25-27.

What caught my attention was the conjunction, “and”, in verse 28. The verse reads in the English Standard Version: “the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, AND to give his life as a ransom for many” (my emphasis). From this, we understand that Jesus came for two distinct reasons. Hebrews 10.1-10 clearly explains “to give his life as a ransom for many” (see also John 1.29 & Revelation 5.9).

Jesus’ behaviors of feeding thousands from meager rations, healing untold numbers beset by satan’s sicknesses and diseases, and raising named persons from the dead express His thinking developed by the mindset He advocates in Matthew 6.9, “hallow” the Name of Father God, ‘Jesus’. His “kingdom come” guided Jesus’ thinking, and His “will be done” found expression in binding and loosing “whatever…shall have been bound [or loosed] in heaven” (Matthew 6.10 & 16.19, NASB). Thus, Jesus “served” mankind and encourages us to do the same (John 17.18, Matthew 28.20).

But, Jesus also “served” in another, most important way. The “Cosmological Logos” showed God to mankind (Dr. Ronald Nash, The Word of God and The Mind of Man, 1982, p. 67)! This is John’s deduction in John 1.18. The Metaphysical became Physical, as Apostle Thomas declares in John 20.27-28. Jesus is the fulfillment of Isaiah 7.14, evidencing such Himself in John 14.7-11 & 15.24 (by others in John 3.2, 7.31, 9.32 & Matthew 9.33) fulfilling Exodus 34.10.

So, the Holy Spirit continues to “make [God] known” through us daily, as Paul writes in Romans 8.14, Colossians 3.17 & 23, and 1 Corinthians 10.31. May our mindset be Matthew 6.9, our thinking Matthew 6.10a, and our behaviors Matthew 6.10b. Otherwise, we will wind up in prideful imagination, like Zebedee’s wife and the jealous disciples in Matthew 20.20-27, ending like James 3.16. Which of these two pictures reveals the Father God? In which picture are you?

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