April 8, 2018 God Speaks The Future He Wants

God Speaks The Future He Wants

The Apostle Paul quotes Isaiah 45.23 to alert his readers in Romans 14.11 of a future certainty: “‘As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me,
and every tongue shall confess [i.e., “swear allegiance”] to God.’” Paul would later reveal this eternal certainty as an ever-present reality in Philippians 2.9-11, adding in verses 12-13 his encouragement to personally apply the name “Jesus” to your circumstance [with the assistance of the Holy Spirit (John 16.11 and Mark 16.20 concerning Spiritual warfare)]. Both eternal and temporal salvation are God’s desired reality for man; see, respectively, John 3.16 and Acts 4.12 (in the context of faith in “Jesus” for healing in Acts 3.1-16).

Speaking the future He wants is the habit of God seen in Scripture

  1. To make the Earth a habitable environment for the earth-suit clothing His image 
in man (Genesis 1.26-28 & 7), God fashioned (refashioned?) the “void” by speaking into existence (Hebrews 11.3) light, water, vegetables, trees, fruits, fish, fowl, and cattle (Genesis 1.1-25 & 29-31).
  2. God spoke the future release of the Hebrews to Moses through a burning bush at Horeb, “the mountain of God” (Exodus 3.1). “Horeb” is “a general name for the whole mountain range of which Sinai was one of the summits (Ex 3:1 17:6; Ex 3:1 Ps 106:19)…a huge mountain block, about 2 miles long by about 1 in breadth, with a very spacious plain at its north-east end…in which the Israelites encamped for nearly a whole year” (Easton’s Bible Dictionary).
  3. God trained the wandering Hebrews to prepare them to drive out the nations that were polluting His land (Genesis 15.16 & Leviticus 18.24-25 & Exodus 33.2 & Deuteronomy 7.1). What is the comparison with the polluted nations of today? Through Spiritual warfare, Christians are to drive the deceiving demons out and “occupy til I come” (Luke 19.13, KJV).
  4. God did this because “all things are Your servants” (Psalm 119.91; illustrated in Joshua 24.27, Exodus 17.6, Leviticus 25.55, Philippians 2.7.)

God repeats Jeremiah 1.5 and John 3.27, even, today. He commissions 
each servant He calls to let Him lead through them to complete the task He assigns to each. So, what task has God assigned to you?

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Praise God!!!

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