February 26, 2012 How Do We Know Reality?

How do we know reality?

God gave you five senses for qualifying things on earth: touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing.  You understand the creation story in Genesis 1.2-2.7 multi-dimensionally when you stop at the end of each created day and reflect on what was made, using these senses.  But, what about the events of Revelation 12.7-12: do you have a ‘sense’ for understanding this ‘reality’?  Yes you do, as you will see in this lesson on “metaphysics“, which is the exploration and understanding of reality.

Do you ‘see’ what the father and Jesus saw in Mark 9.14-29?

  • A father had brought his epileptic son to Jesus’ disciples to be healed. But, they could not.
  • Notice in verses 17-18, 20, and 22 how the father described the son’s condition.  He said he had a ‘spirit’ that acted ‘to destroy him’.  It was not a sickness, disease, syndrome, or other medical term that you might use today.  It was a ‘spirit’!  It was ‘seen’ by the abuse inflicted.  (Like Apostle Peter saw the wind ‘boisterous’ in Matthew 14.30.  Consider, too, Jesus’ comment in John 3.8 regarding the Holy Spirit.)
  • Look at what Jesus did, in Mark 9.25-27: He spoke to the spirit…and it obeyed!

Is it ‘normal’ to speak to spirits?

  • Apostle Paul believed so and commented about this in Hebrews 13.2.  Have you had this experience?
  • Jesus taught the disciples to in Matthew 10.7-8.  Hear the excitement and confidence in their report in Luke 10.17 and Jesus’ affirmation in verse 19.
  • Does Luke 8.31 state that you are to ‘command them to go out into the abyss’?  Where else are you supposed to send them when you dispatch them from yourself?  If you do not, Jesus’ words in Luke 11.24-25 will come true!  What was Jesus’ second step, implied, after dispatching the demons?
  • Paul, again, instructed our correct view of evil spirits in Ephesians 6.11-12 and 2 Corinthians 10.3-6 and, by contrast, in 2 Timothy 1.7.

Are ‘spirits’ part of your ‘reality’?

You, too, are spirit!

Since you have authority over damaging ‘spirits’, speak against them, using Jesus’ name (Philippians 2.9-11), to keep them away from your treasures (Ezekiel 22.30)!  Remember 1 John 4.4!

Praise God!!! Copyright by Maurice L. Painter, 2012.

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