March 4, 2012 Building Protective Walls

Building Protective Walls

The Presbyterian minister and Bible commentator Matthew Henry (1662-1714) popularized the old English saying, ‘none so blind as those that will not see’.  He may have connected this with Jeremiah 5.21 and Matthew 13.13 where God and Jesus lament the same about people in Israel.  These words describe Christians today, who complain about what satan is doing to them but will not use their authority over him and his abusing demons.  What causes this ‘blindness’?  How can we stop satan’s abuse?

The Causes of Blindness to satan’s Abuse.

Build Strong Walls and Stand in the Gap/Gateway!

  • In Ezekiel 22.23-29, God reviewed with the Prophet the lack of leadership (from blindness) by those who should have known better and the resulting destructive spirits operating among the people (like in Jeremiah 13.10).
  • In Ezekiel 22.30, He lamented that no one was willing to build a wall around the treasure and to stand in the gap to keep the enemy out.
  • With what materials should the walls be built?  Psalm 138.2 identifies the only two needed.
  • Apostle Paul wrote about the strength of Jesus’ name in Philippians 2.9-11.  In Ezekiel 20.9 and 14, God said that He acted for the rebellious nation Israel so His name would not be profaned among other nations.  (See Exodus 32.10-14, too.)
  • God described the strength and faithfulness of His word in Isaiah 55.10-11Joshua 21.45 is his summation of God’s faithfulness in bringing the Hebrews through the exodus and into the Promised Land.  Even the pagan Balaam proclaimed God’s faithfulness, in Numbers 23.19.  Apostle Paul stated, in 2 Corinthians 1.20, that God’s promises are sure and are fulfilled in Jesus, in Whom we trust!  Thus, we can add ‘amen’ (so be it)!
  • So, stand in the gap fully armored, as in Ephesians 6.10-17.
  • Apostle John instructed in Revelation 12.11 to overcome satan by the most powerful word, ‘Jesus’.  Make satan and his demons bow their knees to God’s promises that you speak!

Be determined and confident, not lukewarm!

  • Being ignorant of, apathetic to, and/or fearful of satan will allow him to continue to ‘steal, kill, and destroy’ (John 10.10).
  • Follow Jesus’ instructions in Revelation 3.18-22!  Overcome!

Praise God!!!  Copyright © by Maurice L. Painter, 2012.

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